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Tibi Talent by holding one of the strongest CV-Data base and strongest HR professional teams in Iraq is able to support you in all HR, LD & talent solutions, we are able to embed the best talents in the shortest period of time to your respected company. by having strong experience in the Iraqi manpower market we are able to provide you with the best HR advice which will be resulted in your organization’s growth and expenditure. 

Talent Acquisition

We at TiBi Talent by having one the most strong CV-Data Base of talent in Iraq (Local & Expatriates) are able to embed the best candidate to your team.

HR Solutions

This is our strong

area, where we are able to find the best HR solution including Manning, Organization Chart, Strategies and Planning & ...


By having a very strong knowledge of the Iraqi workplace, we are able to develop your organization's moves towards the best. arranging & managing the company's Salary Scale, Job Descriptions policies and procedures & market

What do we offer ?

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  • Improving internal HR processes and systems as well as developing HR tools and polices
  • Job evaluation and grading, Team building/ climate surveys and Change management
  • Talent Acquisition Management and hiring the most suitable candidates for business
  • Expatriate management plus recruitment testing and selection, psychometric testing – Head hunting
  • Performance management processes using balance scorecards and other systems
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions along with Learning and Development
  • Remunerations and benefits management
  • Special trainings tailored to organizational needs in HR
  • HR analytics, reporting and outsourcing Services
  • Specialized services such as building capacity of human resource professionals.
  • Job analysis, organizational structure reviews, salary surveys, and job skills

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